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Free Christmas Books for Kindle

The following books are available for a limited time for free for your Kindle or other e-book reader. 

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  1. Michelle,
    Thanks for sniffing out these free e-books. I downloaded the Kindle for PC which was quick and painless and downloaded a book. I don't understand all the technology that makes this possible but do think it's neat. So even though it's cool and amazing, reading books on a computer is still not as fun as reading in bed. Or the bathtub. But I do like that it didn't cost anything and the book won't be taking up bookshelf space.

    On a side note, I've read The Judge Who Stole Christmas before and it's really good. Randy Singer writes John Grisham-like stuff. I think Randy does a better job but criticizing John Grisham is like criticizing Michael W. Smith - it ought not to be done. The judge in this book was a character from another of Randy's book, however this book is a stand alone and makes sense even if you never read the other one. The other books look good too. Thanks again.



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