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Free Kindle Books for Kids

Amazon added 2 free books from Christian publishers today and they are both books for kids. It's perfect if  you hand off your Kindle to your kids once in a while. But it's also perfect if they own an iTouch. With the Kindle for iPod application, they can read these books right on their own hand-held device. That's especially nice for the one that has 365 devotions for girls.

That is So Me- 365 Days of Devotions: Flip-Flops, Faith, and Friends by Nancy Rue Daily devotions just for girls.

Chosen Ones: The Aedyn Cronicles by Alister McGrath. This is a fantasy book from Christian publisher Zondervan for kids in 4th-6th grade. Perfect for reading aloud as a family, or for kids to read on their own.

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