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2 Free Kindle Books - June 2

Solitary: A Novel by Travis Thrasher (David C. Cook)

I introduce this next one with a little disclaimer. I'm not familiar with the author and it's distributed by a secular publisher. However, on her own website, Beverly's bio lists this as the first in her new faith based line of fiction. Her other cover titles look like typical secular romance, so I have no idea what this "faith-based" novel might be like, thus, the disclaimer.

Bring on the Blessings by Beverly Jenkins (Harper Collins/ Avon)
Solitary: A Novel  Bring on the Blessings with Bonus Material

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  1. I had to stop back by and tell you what I thought of 'Bring on the the Blessings' BUT FIRST - a [[very]] belated THANK YOU for sharing the free kindle books each week. I've enjoyed so many of them! Now for my take on the above - while there was wording and situations I wouldn't expect to find in most christian fiction books, I really [[REALLY]] enjoyed the story [maybe it's the social worker in me - lol] and I'm buying the sequels to read the rest of the story. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing these books with us each week!!



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