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Free Kindle and Nook Books - January 27

If you are an e-mail subscriber, lately, there has been a delay with my posts getting to your inbox. It's an automated system where Feedburner generates an e-mail every time I post something. However, it seems that those sometimes go to your right away and other times a day later. I'm not sure why. 

Anyway, by the time the e-mail gets to you, many of the links are already back to full price. You may want to check directly at the blog at for updates, or follow me on my Writer Speaker Facebook page where I manually post links to this blog.

Kindle Version:
Always the Baker, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker (Abingdon Press)
Highland Sanctuary by Jennifer Hudson Taylor (Abingdon Press)
A Time for Peace (Quilts of Lancaster County) by Barbara Cameron (Abingdon Press)
To Love Anew by Bonnie Leon (Revell)
Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan ( Revell)
A Texan's Promise (Heart of  Hero) by Shelley Gray (Abingdon Press)

Nook Version:

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