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Q & A: Where Do You Get All Those E-Book Freebies?

Ever wonder where I get the freebies I link to weekly? I've been asked that question before, so here goes.

Q: Where do you get the links to free Kindle books?
A: I search for them all. I don't receive special links from publishers. I search Amazon by name of Christian publisher and the top sellers list for links to freebies. I spend a lot of time copying and pasting links, searching, adding the links for both Kindle and Nook, etc..(see the note below regarding future posts regarding NOOK.)

Q: Why aren't the books free when I click on them?
A: Books are free when I post them, but publishers make them available for a limited time before they go back to full price. I never know when that will happen. 

Q: Why do publishers only list some books from a series for free? I'd like them all!
A: That's the reason. They often list the first book in a series for free to introduce new readers to the author. If you like the book, you'll purchase more to read the rest. They are up front about it, so it isn't some secret marketing ploy. It's like the taste-testers in Sam's Club.

Q: Can I read these books if I don't have a Kindle?
A: Yes! You can download an app for your iPod, or read on your computer through a free download of Kindle for PC.

Q: Can I give books to friends?
A: With the Kindle book loan program, many books are permitted to be loaned to a friend via Kindle. After 14 days, they will automatically delete from the other person's Kindle.

I hope that helps answer some questions. If you have more questions, feel free to comment below. 

NOTE: I have added a survey above the posts. I'd like to know how many people follow the blog to get the links to Nook. I ask this because I've been very short on time lately and it takes a lot of time to add links to both book types. Since I'm a Kindle user, I'm partial to those books. I follow click-throughs and I've noticed that very few go to the Nook links and more go to the Kindle books.

For right now, I'm discontinuing posting Nook links until my schedule lightens up a little. In the meantime, if you see a title on the Kindle list that interests you, just hope over to Barnes and Noble and search for it. You'll know if it's free based on the price listed. Thanks for understanding!

Happy reading!


  1. Thank you for all the effort you put into providing us with the lists. I have really appreciated being introduced to books I would not normally have read. Sometimes the books that are available on are not available on but never mind. I've still read more books in the past 3 months than I would have normally because of your efforts. Thank you so much.

    1. Bernice, That's so good to know. I wasn't aware that Amazon in the UK has different offers. Wouldn't it be nice if they would just make it all the same? :-)


  2. Thank you so much for your efforts. I love Christian Fiction and the ones you find for free! I found your blog through a friend of mine. I check yours every day.

    1. Thanks Anne! I appreciate you following. :-)



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