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Free Kindle Books from Christian Publishers - January 31

If you've been here before, you know that I link to free Kindle books from Christian publishers when I discover they are available on Amazon. Often there are some that are free on and off. I don't always list those that are back on the free list again, just for the sake of time, and for the sake of readers who already have them. I know that Abingdon Press has several today, that I have featured before. If you go to Amazon and then go to the Kindle books and put Abingdon Press in the search box, then sort by price, lowest to highest all of the free ones will be at the top of the list.

These are new features. Remember, they are free when I post them. They may not be free anymore when you find click this link on my blog. Check it out first to avoid surprises.

Beside Two Rivers: Daughters of the Potomac #2 by Rita Gerlach (Abingdon Press, Oct. 2012)
Cooking With Hot Flashes: And Other Ways to Make Middle Age Profitable by Martha Bolton (Bethany House, 2004)
The Top Ten Leadership Commandments by Hanz Finzel (David C. Cook, 2012)

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