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Big List of Free Kindle Books from Life Sentence Publishing

Life Sentence Publishing has many of their titles free this weekend. Remember, all books go back to full price after a limited time, so check the price at checkout to avoid any surprises. Find out more about Life Sentence Publishing

A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven (One Woman's Trip to Africa - My Story) by Chris Loehmer Kincaid
Field of Blessing - Beyond Understanding (Holding on to faith in circumstances beyond understanding) by Elaine Ellis
The Book of Daniel (Closed Up and Sealed Until the Time of Fulfillment) by Russell Stendal
The Book of Daniel (Prophecy for Today From Daniel, David, and Haggai) EDITED by Russell Stendal
Rescue the Captors (True Hostage Situation. Colombian Marxist Guerrillas and a Missionary Simply Using the Experience to Share the Gospel) by Russell StendalRescue the Captors II (Faith Can Move Mountains) by Russell Stendal
God's Plan for Spiritual Battle (Victory over Sin, the World, and the Devil) by Russell Stendal
The Beatitudes (God's Plan for Battle) by Russell Stendal His Grace - A Battle Won (A Missionary's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph) by Dana McCutchen
Amish: Born Again the Same Way as Others? by Joe Keim

Excommunication & Shunning: Is it Biblical? (The Amish Way) by Joe Keim
When Love and Submission Ignite (Secrets to an Incredible Love Relationship) by Ken O. Griffith

Why You Really Can Memorize Scripture by Daniel Morris
Pilgrims with Purpose (The Inspiring Life Story of Two Missionaries to Mexico) by Elizabeth TolmanERADICATE - Blotting Out God in America by David Fiorazo
The Upside to Job Loss (Finding Hope for the Future) by Sheila M. Luck
My Baby's Feet (Choice, Death, and the Aftermath) by Sheila M. Luck
My Journey Beyond Being Catholic by Connie Limmex
Preaching with Evangelistic Persuasion (How to Preach to the Mind, Will, Emotions, and Conscience and Why the Bible Points Out this is The Essence of Authorative Evangelism) by Ben G. Rogers
Meditate & Declare (A Journey with the Apostle Paul) by Lynn Dehnke
Revival in a Graveyard: Spiritual Journey Through the History of the Church of God in Christ by C.M. Cole
God is More than an Aspirin (A Prophetic Perspective of Your High Calling) by Charles Wilsey and Robert Shipman
Beyond Pentecost (The Holy Spirit's Final Desire for the Church) by Clayt Sonmore
Beyond the Colorful Coat (Living Out Your God-Given Dreams) by Lydia Chorpening
Mobocracy (The Cultural & Political War to Destroy our Republic Under God) by Jake Jacobs

Some books are also available in a Spanish version if you search Amazon by the author's name.

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