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Only 16 Shopping Days...

...'til Christmas. Don't hate me. I finished my Christmas shopping several weeks ago. If it makes you feel any better, I still have many things to do. I haven't sent out my Christmas cards yet. In fact, I still need to buy the stamps. And I need to make some goodies and treats for special friends, neighbors, Sunday school teachers, etc. I haven't wrapped anything either! And there are a couple of small handmade things I need to finish. my list making you weary?

This time of year, many of us are weary. Take a deep breath and hang in there. In just 16 days, you'll be sitting amidst a heap of torn wrapping paper, empty boxes and tangled ribbons breathing that satisfied sigh of relief as your family delights in those carefully chosen gifts. And I know that out of sheer gratitude, those same family members will volunteer to clean up the mess and maybe even to clean the entire house for the next year! We can dream, can't we?

Blessings to you,

P.S. Looking for a gift idea for the writer in your family? How about the book "Writing so Heaven Will Be Different?" It's an anthology for writers, and here's a shameless plug; I wrote one of the chapters in the book. Each chapter contains the story of a writer and how attending the Write to Publish writer's conference has played a role in his or her writing journey.


Simple Answered Prayers

My son shot his first buck this past weekend and he was tracking it with some difficulty. Every time he got close, it jumped up and ran off into the brush. Finally, he enlisted the help of Dad and his younger brother. Before heading off into the woods, they stopped to pray that they could find the deer and that it would stop before it headed onto neighboring property where they wouldn't be allowed to track any further.

After some time of searching, they were approaching the property line and they started to worry. They stopped to pray again and just after they lifted their heads, one of them spotted the deer just yards in front of them. Dad took care of "finishing off" the wounded deer with his Magnum 357, but the stories of how he looked like Barney Fife from "The Andy Griffith Show" live on. The simple story of faith and prayer in the woods will also live in the memories of my boys.

What prayers has God answered for you recently? Click on "comments" to share your story.


Trade Hobbies With Your Spouse

Have you ever tried something you never believed you would enjoy? I used to ridicule my husband's love for deer hunting and fishing until I tried it and discovered it wasn't so bad. In fact, I really enjoyed it! It gave me a new appreciation for him and his interests as well. You can read more about it in my article in the November 2008, Focus on the Family couple's issue on their website. Follow the link: "Hunting Deer and Gluing Sparkles".

Don't forget to leave a comment about how you have tried one of your spouse's hobbies. How did that turn out for you?


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