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Book Review: Healing is a Choice

Book Review: Healing is a Choice by Stephen Arterburn

One phone call from his wife ended normalcy forever for Stephen Arterburn. He knows emotional pain, and he accepts no excuses when it comes to spiritual (emotional) healing. Whether it's his own emotional pain, or that of the reader, he proposes that God has given us the ability to heal, but we often impair the process. In this book he gives examples from his own life, sharing the story of his own divorce, the subject of that phone call from his wife. As a Christian in ministry who taught about relationships, the last thing he expected was the demise of his own marriage. But it happened.

In Healing is a Choice, Arterburn outlines ten choices that lead to healing. Each choice is also paired with a lie, or a myth, such as "There is no hope for me," or "Time heals all wounds." Each chapter concludes with workbook questions and an extensive application section for the material. This is an updated version of a previous printing and both the book and workbook are combined into one.

Although it could be used in a small group, the questions and application are introspective and personal, so many people would be more comfortable with it as a journaling exercise.

I thought Arterburn did an excellent job of presenting the material in a conversational style. He writes as though having a conversation with the reader. He's also very transparent about his own struggles and he gets real with the reader. He gives solid Biblical support for his ideas which makes this more than just a pop-psych self-help book. 

The one drawback is that the application material in the "workbook" section that follows every chapter is very long. Some readers will find it too extensive. Arterburn says in the intro that he doesn't recommend skipping over parts of that, but I'm afraid that some readers will. This workbook includes more teaching from the author, exercises (and questions for reflection or journaling) that get the reader thinking about his or her own life, then more teaching, more exercises, then a Bible study with many verses to look up and exercises that correlate. Then more teaching, and journaling. I think the workbook is as long as the chapter. On the positive side, it's thorough and readers really work through their pain.

I highly recommend this book for anyone dealing with wounds that keep them from moving forward.

I received an e-book copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest and objective review.

Free Kindle Books April 30

Free Books for Kindle (free at the time of posting)

Back on the free list temporarily once again: 
Autism's Hidden Blessings by Kelly Langston (Kregel)
The Edge of Grace by Christa Allen (Abingdon)
Sweet Baklava by Debby Mayne (Abingdon)


Free Kindle Books

Free Kindle books from Christian publishers (Free at the time of posting).

A Lady of High Regard by Tracie Peterson (Bethany House)
False Pretenses by Kathy Hermann (David C. Cook)
Raising Kids with Character that Lasts by John and Susan Yates (Revell)

Temporarily free once again. Maybe you already purchase these last time they were free:
Delivered With Love by Sherry Kyle (Abingdon Press)
The Voyage of Promise by Kay Marshall Strom (Abingdon)
One Imperfect Christmas by Myra Johnson (Abingdon)
Gone to Green by Judy Christie (Abingdon)
Long Time Coming by Vanessa Miller (Abingdon)


Free Kindle Books from Christian Publishers

Kindle books free at the time of posting:
Promise Me This by Cathy Gohlke (Tyndale House)
Downtown Green by Judy Christie (Abingdon)
Code Triage by Candace Calvert (Tyndale House)

Returning to free for a few days (I've posted these before):
The Glory of Green by Judy Christie (Abingdon)
Code Blue by Richard Mabry (Abingdon)

Photo of the Week - Spring Snow

Winter isn't over yet...April 15


Mmm....Bread! Best White Bread Recipe

I haven't posted something practical in a long time. And, I've had many requests for my bread recipe, so why not post it? I baked rolls for our Easter dinner today with this recipe.

I got this recipe from someone special, and I love it because it's so budget friendly. I used my grandma's recipe for a while, but it takes milk and eggs, and this one is just water, flour and oil, basically. The trick to good bread, is in the kneading and it making sure it isn't too sticky or too stiff. I haven't purchased a load of white bread in so long!

In order to give me her recipe, Elfreda had to measure it out one time when she was baking. She had made this recipe for so many years that she hadn't really ever measured ingredients.

I purchase my yeast, oil, and bread flour in bulk at Sam's Club, and I figured that I can make about 25-30 loaves of bread from one 25# bag of unbleached flour. I bake 5 loaves at a time and freeze them. 

Elfreda’s White Bread
2 1/2 Cups Warm Water (about 125 degrees)
2 packages of yeast (or granular equivalent to it if you buy in bulk)
1 T. Salt
1/4 c. sugar
1/2 cup canola or olive oil
7-8 cups Bread Flour
Blend all ingredients. Knead 10 minutes. I use my Kitchen Aid with a dough hook and don’t knead quite that long. Knead in extra flour as needed so dough is not sticky. Let rest on counter coated with flour. Cover loosely with towel. Let rise until double in size. Sometimes I form it into loaves now, and other times, I punch in down and let it rise a little longer. It depends on how light you like your bread. It will be more airy if you do the second rising.
Form into loaves to be baked in loaf pans. Or into long loaves to be baked on a cookie sheet or a stone.  Let rise until double. Bake at 350 degrees for around 20-25 minutes, depending on your oven temp, until golden brown. Cool on a rack. This recipe will make 3 small loaves in pans, or two large French loaves. It also works for dinner rolls, hoagies, and cinnamon rolls.
If you try it, stop back and tell us how it turned out.  

Mmm...I can smell the bread right through my screen. Oh wait. That's the bread in the oven. Gotta go check it!

Free Kindle Books - Several just released titles

Lots of free Kindle books from Christian publishers again. Two of them are just released!

Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn and Linda Washington (Tyndale)
Roanoake, The Lost Colony by Angela Hunt and Angela Hunt (Tyndale)
The Mother Road by Jennifer AlLee (Abingdon Press) Brand New!
Sarai (Wives of the Patriarchs) by Jill Eileen Smith (Revell) Brand New!

Back on the Freebies for a few days again:
The Fence My Father Built by Linda S. Claire (Abingdon Press)
Date With Destiny: Find the Love You Need by Rev. Joseph Walker (Abingdon Press)
I Shall Not Want: Psalm 23 Mysteries by Debbie Viguie (Abingdon)


Q & A: Where Do You Get All Those E-Book Freebies?

Ever wonder where I get the freebies I link to weekly? I've been asked that question before, so here goes.

Q: Where do you get the links to free Kindle books?
A: I search for them all. I don't receive special links from publishers. I search Amazon by name of Christian publisher and the top sellers list for links to freebies. I spend a lot of time copying and pasting links, searching, adding the links for both Kindle and Nook, etc..(see the note below regarding future posts regarding NOOK.)

Q: Why aren't the books free when I click on them?
A: Books are free when I post them, but publishers make them available for a limited time before they go back to full price. I never know when that will happen. 

Q: Why do publishers only list some books from a series for free? I'd like them all!
A: That's the reason. They often list the first book in a series for free to introduce new readers to the author. If you like the book, you'll purchase more to read the rest. They are up front about it, so it isn't some secret marketing ploy. It's like the taste-testers in Sam's Club.

Q: Can I read these books if I don't have a Kindle?
A: Yes! You can download an app for your iPod, or read on your computer through a free download of Kindle for PC.

Q: Can I give books to friends?
A: With the Kindle book loan program, many books are permitted to be loaned to a friend via Kindle. After 14 days, they will automatically delete from the other person's Kindle.

I hope that helps answer some questions. If you have more questions, feel free to comment below. 

NOTE: I have added a survey above the posts. I'd like to know how many people follow the blog to get the links to Nook. I ask this because I've been very short on time lately and it takes a lot of time to add links to both book types. Since I'm a Kindle user, I'm partial to those books. I follow click-throughs and I've noticed that very few go to the Nook links and more go to the Kindle books.

For right now, I'm discontinuing posting Nook links until my schedule lightens up a little. In the meantime, if you see a title on the Kindle list that interests you, just hope over to Barnes and Noble and search for it. You'll know if it's free based on the price listed. Thanks for understanding!

Happy reading!

Free Kindle Books - 9 Freebies

Kindle Books (Free at the time of posting):
40 Days to Healthy Living by Dana Demetre (Revell)
Jenna's Cowboy by Sharon Gillenwater (Revell)
The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer (Zondervan)

Back once again to free for a few days (I've featured them int he past):
Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot (Revell)
The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen (Bethany House)
Always the Baker, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker (Abingdon)
Elisha's Bones by Don Hoesel (Bethany House)



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