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Why I'm Boycotting Black Friday This Year

I'm so disappointed with the Black Friday promotion from stores that plan to have Black Friday begin on Thursday. I saw several commentaries that referred to it as Grey Thursday. Aptly named, because it's evidence of where our values have gone. We've greyed out gratitude and replaced it with greed. Cold, clutching greed as grey and chilling as a December sky that reaches down with sleet-filled arms and makes us want to stay inside and close the doors. 

Photo Copyright Michelle Rayburn
That's exactly what I'm going to do this Black Friday. I'm going to stay inside and close the doors against this greed played out in marketing that encroaches on the good within our generous souls. I'm closing my wallet and keeping it warm within my cold plastic from my wallet will benefit any retailer who chooses to promote the Grey Thursday greed.

Thanksgiving has been a day for family. A day when we can share a meal, watch football, play games, take a walk, or sit by the fire and reminisce. I pledge to keep it that way.

Perhaps it's easy to replace "Turkey Day" with "Gimme-Grab Day," but I cannot rationalize it when I look at the real meaning of Thanksgiving Day.

Many other bloggers are boycotting Black Friday this year. Will you join in the quest to preserve the sacredness of a holiday that represents heartfelt gratitude for what we have? Consider how marketing has crowded into our attitudes to the point where we will push and reach to grab a trinket before someone else gets to it. Will you stop the insanity and join my boycott?


  1. I don't support Black Friday and I definitely won't be doing grey thursday. So sad. :O(

  2. I agree. Black Friday was bad enough, but what is the purpose of starting the wasteful spending frenzy a day early, on a day when we should be counting our blessings instead of wasting them?

  3. There is nothing wrong with boycotting but it is what we do before AND after Black Friday that matters. We are trying to be intentional at how we begin the season and hope it helps the rest of it..Check it out!

  4. I never do black friday. It's such a waste of time for so little money actually saved if any. The older I become and the more commercialism that is shoved in my face has made Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. I love spending the day praising God with family without the stress of the gifts. Don't get me wrong, I love celebrating the birth of my savior on Christmas but I hate what commercialism has done to taint the holiday. Thanks again for finding and posting all the free kindle books.



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